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"Get all the features of an on-premise enterprise
FAX server, without any fax hardware or
expensive fixed telephone lines"

Over the last 25 years we have helped 1,000's of IBM Customers improve their enterprise FAX processes and we understand how important transaction faxing still is for many businesses.

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, simplify your transaction faxing process or need a flexible Load Balancing or Business Continuity solution, you can have it with CloudFAX400.

CloudFAX400 provides you with all the features you would expect from an advanced Enterprise FAX Solution, in a totally secure and fully supported service in the cloud.


FAX Sending Features:

FAX Multiple PDF File attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook
FAX from within applications
FAX printer driver
Supports all major file types
FAX Broadcasting/Mail Merge
Scheduled transmissions and automatic retries

FAX Receiving Features:

Receive inbound faxes to email, desktop client, or Web client
Receive faxes in searchable PDF and searchable TIFF format
Transmission notifications - successful and failed
No busy conditions
Rules-based routing - OCR, barcode and metadata
Automatically route received faxes to users, groups, applications and workflow's
Reporting and Tracking:
Real Time FAX Reports (FAX logs)
Audit Trail of all FAX activity
Job Tracking
Application Integration:
Outlook and Exchange
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
MFPs/Printers/Network Scanners
Custom API/SDK and Web Services
Active Directory
Microsoft Sharepoint
Additional Faxing Features:
FAX Numbers porting
Custom Cover Pages
FAX Archive and Storage
Fast and simple migration between fax servers and fax services
Read text and bar codes from faxes via OCR
FAX workflow and indexing